The Nature of Pets Without Nature

From the moment we are forced into life, through pain and anxiety, we emerge seeking the comfort and security of companionship. This is our first experience of existence. In fact, this is the first experience of all mammals. The gratification of warmth and nourishment is imprinted upon us in various amounts, and in a range of durations. Those fortunate enough to have received this first satisfaction in abundance, tend to carry an increased desire to share this experience with others, including animals.

This behavior is experienced in all mammals. Have you ever seen pictures of a cat nursing a puppy? Pig nursing a rabbit? Dog nursing tiger cubs? Cow nursing a goat? Survival of the species transcends species boundaries and is carried forward by all mammals. Humans are the most effected by these early imprints. So many of us will go out of our way to care for an animal in need; however, our ability to provide adequate care is limited by our ability to understand the nature of the species. Predator and prey animals live by different means, but share the same nurturing abilities. Understanding the nature of a species enables us to read and detect the body language preceding the its actions and reactions. This also enables us to marginally communicate with other animals. Despite varying degrees of the inability in humans to understand the needs of other humans, understanding animal behavior is much easier. Behavior of most animals is less complex and much more predictable. Survival of all species is based on their ability to co-exist in nature and adapt; unfortunately, humans are changing nature at an alarming rate, creating unusual and dangerous behavior in animals that may cause them loose their natural habitats.

The reckless exploitation of nature and its resources by humans must stop. This problem has grown to such unimaginable potentials, our own survival is now at risk. How can we correct such a global problem. Our ability to regulate business and industry is at best localized and at the mercy of the driving forces of corporate profits. This problem requires everyones understanding of nature and each our contribution to make a change. Education of our children should not only involve how to succeed in business, but also how to succeed in the preservation of nature and the development of natural harmonious business and industry methods. Every father and mother can have a profound effect on their children’s understanding of nature. Just as we imprint on our children how to achieve comfort and security, we must also imprint harmony with nature. This is probably our best contribution to their future and the result could effect all life on Earth.

To live in harmony with nature requires we coexist with all living things. To do this we must preserve their environments.