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This is Cherie Leger. 5 Star Google Review
We scoured the internet looking for a reputable Siberian Cat breeder. We settled on Amazing Siberian Cats of Svetdanhaus, as he is the most reputable breeder we could find. He answered all our questions, and addressed all our concerns in a very friendly manner. His cattery was very clean, and all the cats were well cared for. Our kitten has quickly become the head of the house. We couldn’t love Jagger anymore then we do. When I am ready for another Siberian I will definitely go back to Danny. I highly recommend him and his cattery.

Kristine Malek – 5 Star Google Review
Mr. Daniel made my Siberian kitten purchase very pleasant. He’s very knowledgeable and answers all questions. I love my kitten.

Merissa B – 5 Star Google Review
We had a pleasure of purchasing a kitten from Mr. Daniel. From the beginning of the process, he was very easy to communicate with, very kind, and very informative. We love our new addition, and so glad that we had someone in the local area to provide us with such amazing cat; they really are the sweetest breed.

Janie Hall – 5 Star Google Review
I recently adopted a Siberian cat from Amazing Siberian Cats of Svetdanhaus, and I’m thrilled with the experience. Danny demonstrated a deep knowledge of the Siberian breed, providing detailed information about the cat’s lineage and health. The facilities were clean, and the cats seemed well-cared for. Communication throughout the process was excellent, making the entire adoption seamless. I highly recommend Danny’s business for anyone seeking a reputable Siberian cat breeder!

Cheryl Brock – 5 Star Google Review
I purchased a Siberian from Daniel Daigle several months ago. I am so happy with my Felix. He arrived in perfect health and is the most loving cat I’ve ever had. I cannot recommend Danny high enough. I would never consider another breeder. Thank you Danny for the wonderful addition to my little family.

Jessica Terluin – 5 Star Google Review
Wonderful experience! Very knowledgeable about the breed. Very kind and helpful with finding your new pet! We were able to get an amazing kitten with a awesome personality.

a Siberian cat laying on a dog

This is Brian in Galloway, NJ. Tigger, our kitten is doing wonderful. I will take some pics and email them to you, because she is absolutley gorgeous! She gets along great with Meeko our other female, who is about 11 mos old. Tigger is probably the prettiest cat I have ever seen, and her disposition is noticably sweeter than our other cat, whom before tigger, I thought was the world’s nicest cat. I just found a pic, so I am attaching it. This is from about 1 month ago.

Talk to you soon,

a Siberian kitten playing with a toy

I drove down from Biloxi a few weeks ago and purchased one of your cats. I just wanted to let you know he is doing great and we could not be happier with him. He is very smart and full of personality and energy. He will already fetch his favorite toy, bring it back to you, drop it at your feet, and wait for you to throw it again. You guys have made a Siberian lover out of me, I doubt I will ever own any other kind of cat again. Well, I just wanted to say Thank you for the wonderful cat and if we decide to get another we know where to go. I have attatched a picture of him to this email. Take care and thanks again!

Sincerely, M. Wilson

a Siberian kitten

We had a good ride home. When I got to the home side of Houston, I pulled over and let her roam the car. She seemed to be happier that way, so I gave it a try. Ended up that she rode on my shoulders and slept that way. She is sooooooooooo sweet. She hasn’t cried at all since I let her out of the cage. Oh, she screamed at first……… but we made it.

I have so enjoyed her that Tuesday night I totally forgot to eat supper! She is PURE entertainment! And such a love!

I’ll continue to send more.


a Siberian kitten next to a flower

Just wanted to send a few pictures of our “Mischa” that we purchased a year ago. As you can see from the pictures below she is growing like a little weed. She is very intelligent and beautiful. If we ever consider getting another cat is would definetly be a siberian! We are moving soon into a new house next month therefore she will be enjoying the country view and not to mention the birds! She’s definetly the baby of the family. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have Mischa in our home.

Anne and Kevin

a Siberian kitten next to a flower

Hi, Danny !! Just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our new kitten! Thanks so much for letting us have the opportunity to purchase one of your kittens! We have named him Max (or Maks Klemovich) according to his Russian name. He is the most loving, gentle, sweet little boy you can imagine. He’s taken over the entire house, and has made my husband — a dog-lover — quite a cat person! Maks is quite the love bug — always comes to greet you, MUST sit in someone’s lap at all time, and purrs like a fiend! I’ve sent you some pictures so you can see how big and beautiful he is at only a bit less than 6 months! I think he is going to get big like Klem, and as advertised, he sure is a sweetheart! We will be contacting you soon when he is neutered, probably at the end of the summer! Take care!

Sincerely, Kristin K

A Siberian cat laying on a coffee table

“Valadamier Svetdanhaus of Vango” had his first ACFA cat show this past weekend. He finished with 8 Best of Breed. He also finaled 4 times and of course transferred to double champion. The president of ACFA whom judged him stated Valadamier fit every requirement exactly to the breed standards and he was the best Siberian she had seen in years. Thank You for my beautiful sweet friendly baby. I am now looking for a silver female. Do you have any or know of any coming up.