Siberian Cats

What may be one of the greatest gifts of Nature to a Family is the Siberian Cat. As a professional trainer, I am asked very often, “why do I raise Siberian cats?” The answer is simple, “something this good cannot be kept a secret and must be shared.”

Why Siberian Cats? – They are a Hypoallergenic Cat Breed

Many of today’s families live in homes or neighborhoods without yards, and especially important to responsible dog ownership a fenced yard. An inside pet is the best solution. Small dogs with a calm nature fare well inside a home but must be allowed access to the outside for potty. Cats learn to use a litter box, so this outside access is not needed, but many people are allergic to cats.

The Traditional Siberian Cat is a naturally occurring hypoallergenic cat breed that is well tolerated by families with allergy sufferers. This is, in my estimation, the best family pet. Beauty, intelligence, affectionate, trainability, hardiness, and a personality that will capture your heart. They acclimate to the inside life with a family so well that itʼs amazing. They admire nature through a window and accept the inside life extremely well. Siberian cats actually become family members. In some instances, they fulfill the family dream of those couples without children.

Siberian Cats Have Unique Traits

Every Siberian cat has a different personality but is equally respected by the family. They are so aware of the time of day and very responsive to the moods of their human roommates. As many domestic cats play with balls as though they are four-legged soccer players, a Siberian will also dominate the ball and then return it to its two-legged friend to throw it again. They love to interact with humans. Siberian cats can retrieve, can search for an object on command, and they can be taught to sit, down, heel, no, come, stay, and so many other responses for just the reward of affection. A special treat, food, will drive them to do the unimaginable.

Siberian cats are semi-long coated with unique three layers. Remarkably they do not require much grooming and shed very little. Most of their shedding is witnessed during the spring. This is also the time to groom your Siberian. Combing their coats with a rotating bristol comb twice a week during this period is recommended and is absolutely loved by your Siberian.

They are considered kittens for the first five years of their life because they continue to grow for at least the first five years. Many Siberian cats have lived beyond 20 years of life, so I believe it is safe to say their life expectancy is 20+ years. It is thought that more than 1000 years ago, the Asian Snow Leopard bred with native domestic cats of Siberia to produce the now-known Siberian Cat Breed. 1000 years of survival of the fittest in the cold harsh environment of Siberia was Mother Nature’s way of creating this magnificent cat breed.

Siberian cats are hardy and hypoallergenic if purchased as a Traditional Siberian Cats. In 1998 catteries in America started reporting people typically allergic to cats were not displaying allergy symptoms when exposed to the Siberian Cat. Later, Universities and other medical research facilities measured the concentration of allergen (FEL D1) to be as much as 10 times lower than measured in other domestic cats.