Pet Food vs Pet Nutrition

As a concerned and experienced pet owner, I have studied, tested and sold pet foods.  I was a distributor of Veterinarian Formulated Complete pet foods during the 90‘s throughout the Gulf States of LA, MS, AL and FL.  I have acquired hands-on experience with quality, effectiveness of premium pet food diets and marketability.  What I am going to share with you might be surprising, but it is important for the wellbeing of our pets and the overall cost that is involved to achieve this.

Dogs and cats are primarily carnivorous by nature. This means they require fresh animal proteins and fats in their diets. Many pet foods today use supplemental grain and vegetable proteins in their formulation. They are found as ingredients such as soy meal, soy gluten meal, corn gluten, wheat gluten, etc…  These are excellent proteins for you and I, but not so for dogs and cats. The basic problems with animal proteins and fats are the cost of these ingredients, the quality of meat rendering and the cost limitations to preserve them. Preservatives and proteins are the most expensive ingredients in pet foods. This motivates many pet food manufacturers to supplement with less expensive ingredients to remain competitive, while misleading the consumer.

In 1909 the AAFCO, Association of American Feed Control Officials was established. They developed standards for pet food safety that has to be met and documented by way of labels on each pet food container, by every pet food manufacturer in the USA.  You can now find the guaranteed analysis and ingredients listed in order of concentration on every container of pet food marketed in America.  One of the standards for dry kibble was an expiration date. At that time, very strong and effective synthetic chemical preservatives were being use.  These chemical preservatives include ethoxyquin, BHA, BTH, and TBHQ.  These preservatives maintained a fair amount of the protein and fat quality for up to 18 months in normal storage conditions. This 18 month expiration became the industry standard. As pet food sales became competitive and the realization of the hazards of these synthetic preservatives (primarily ethoxyquin), natural preservatives were developed and utilized. These healthier preservatives, known as mixed tocopherols (vitamin E), citric acid (vitamin C) and rosemary, are commercially considered superior due to there better marketability, but are much less effective in preserving animal fats due to their rapid decomposition rates. If pet foods preserved with these natural antioxidants are stored in warehouses that exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit, they will start to decompose in as little as three months. The average age of pet food purchased in stores today is 6 months of age. Consumers assume this is safe and even considered fresh because if purchased at six months of age, it expires in one year from purchase. The fact is, it is already loosing nutritional value as fats are oxidizing and becoming rancid. This misleading expiration, in my assessment, is the greatest failure in the safe regulations developed by the AAFCO. These expired products can maintain your pet, but at the cost of their health.  These “less nutritional” foods cause greater volumes of consumption, decreased digestive efficiency and possible health issues, all with increased cost to you. These innocent pets are forced to eat what we provide. Our dogs and cats require and deserve better!

There are many so-called premium pet foods available in stores today but unfortunately, they are all lacking the same primary essential requirement, freshness! One company is rewriting the way pet foods are produced and delivered.  With the guidance of one of our nations leading nutritionalist, Dr. Jane Bicks DVM, a product named Life’s Abundance was developed.  This  formulation has been developed into the highest quality pet food product commercially available. This product is not found in stores but is delivered to your door fresh each month, usually in less than six weeks from production.  It is superior to any other pet food with the necessary combination of ingredients. This eliminates the uncertainty of expiration, and guarantees consistent, fresh nutrients delivered to your pets at every feeding. Our pets can no longer forage for what their bodies need, nor can they tell us what they need, therefore they are totally dependent on us to provide their nutrition.

Three years ago, we switched our Siberian cats diet to Life’s Abundance. Prior to this we were feeding other Premium cat foods and supplementing their diet with vitamins, fresh raw chicken livers, gizzards, and hearts. Our breeding program was doing well as we produced 4-6 kittens per litter with low mortality rates. This is slightly higher than the national average of Siberian litters of 3-4 kittens per litter. We were reluctant to switch at first due to the shipping cost, not considering the cost of our time and shopping travel expenses.  Since we switched to Life’s Abundance we noticed a decrease in food consumption, increased litter size (4-10 kittens per litter, with an average of 7 per litter) and virtually no mortalities. All our cats appeared healthier and our litter boxes stayed cleaner longer. On Christmas Day 2012, one of our Siberian Queens gave birth to 10 beautiful Siberian kittens. This is unheard of with the Siberian Cat breed. All kittens are thriving and are in the process of being relocated to their new homes.

I sleep better at night knowing I am giving my dogs and cats the very best pet diet available today.  I indorse this product with the upmost confidence. Please click this link- Life’s Abundance to learn more.  You can compare Life’s Abundance to the product you are presently using and to other store bought brands then decide for yourself, but most important is to do it for your pet.  I recommend this diet to all my customers and actually receive small commissions for sales that result from my recommendations. This is a win-win situation with additional bonuses. Our pets receive the very best, and we receive peace of mind, not to mention one less shopping chore.  In addition to saving money, I get to indorse the very best formula available today and get paid to do it. I believe this to be a win-win-win-win-win-win situation. OK, I’m gloating, but this information is too good to keep a secret. Share this information with your friends and family.  This company thrives on word of mouth advertisement and in exchange, our pets thrive on the superior fresh nutrients they deliver. Our pets deserve it!

special thanks to Heather S. and congratulations on your new Siberian kittens