Kristin K

Hi, Danny !! Just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our new kitten! Thanks so much for letting us have the opportunity to purchase one of your kittens! We have named him Max (or Maks Klemovich) according to his Russian name. He is the most loving, gentle, sweet little boy you can imagine. He’s taken over the entire house, and has made my husband — a dog-lover — quite a cat person! Maks is quite the love bug — always comes to greet you, MUST sit in someone’s lap at all time, and purrs like a fiend! I’ve sent you some pictures so you can see how big and beautiful he is at only a bit less than 6 months! I think he is going to get big like Klem, and as advertised, he sure is a sweetheart! We will be contacting you soon when he is neutered, probably at the end of the summer! Take care! Sincerely, Kristin K